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The Story of Philip

Philip Kuo is a multi-disciplinary maker of curious and beautiful things, driven by passion. More specifically, he is a technology entrepreneur and freelance designer who specialises in web based projects. Originally born in Taiwan, he now live and studies in the state of Illinois, pursuing a computer science degree at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. In the last two years, he has co-founded successful e-commerce startups, organized and managed large-scale events, and driven over 150K website pageviews.

Philip’s journey is a little different than most. He created his very first website at eight. While it required the understanding of “cryptic computer language,” he tried to get it work by putting pieces of codes together. Ever since then, he have been immersing in the world of technology. Also passionate about art and design, he would spend hours reading books on IT and design, and explore different computer languages. As a kid, he was genuinely amazed by the numerous aspects technology were being utilized in our everyday life.

Fast forward a few years and through a whole lot of failed attempts, he is now a designer and developer. While in high school, he decided to do something big. He opened his own digital design studio, PKGamma Digital Agency, and had the honor to develop services and products in a range of categories for companies and nonprofits and impact the bottom line. As part of his quest for overachievement, he also participated in prestigious conferences internationally, and was invited to speak at TEDx and APEC events to share his stories.

Passion is in Philip’s culture; it’s in everything he does. He works closely together with clients to create solutions that perform well and deliver results, some of the projects he worked on received overwhelmingly positive feedbacks from VC investors. Philip’s work and stories have also been published in acclaimed local and international press such as Initium Media HK, Storm Media, PC ADV Magazine, Family Lifestyle Magazine, Radio Taiwan International, TEDx and Za Share Expo. He truly believes that digital technology can change lives and makes the world better connected.

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Worldwide View, Taiwan Root

Philip was born in Taiwan, and have studied in the United States. In the past years, he have worked with people from all around the globe, including Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa, allowing him to have a broad view of worldly interactions. He is able to keep pace with the global trends and possess a humble respect for the diversity of the world. To collaborate with people of different cultures is never a problem to him - there is always only one goal in his mind: to make clients happy and satisfied.

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